Cloud Solutions

Securely Store and Search Video in the Cloud

Archive event video and bookmarks to the cloud, and retrieve it from any device with an Internet connection. Augment local storage solutions with cloud storage, or create offsite copies of critical video to ensure protection against natural disasters, theft and other site-specific events.

Video stored in the cloud is always encrypted, ensuring that only you can access video stored there.

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Search Video in the Cloud using exacqVision Client or Exacq Mobile

No special settings are required to find your video, regardless of whether it exists on local storage or cloud storage. Video in exacqVision Cloud Drive is seamlessly accessible through the exacqVision Client or via Exacq Mobile for iOS and Android operating systems.

Allocate Cloud Storage across Cameras on an NVR

Purchase a subscription by the number of days you wish to retain video and configure one or more cameras on an NVR to send event video to the cloud. Unlike some cloud video providers, Our Video Solution on Exacq never restricts subscriptions to individual cameras.

Annual Subscriptions Available through Distribution

Annual subscriptions are Professional and Enterprise customers, and can easily be purchased through traditional channel distribution partners.

Other Satcom IRL cloud service:

Includes Cloud Servers, Hosting and Cloud API management. Call Us for more details.