Structural Networking Infrastructures

Structural Networking Infrastructures

At SatcomIRL, one of our major scopes is helping organizations to build a robust network infrastructure regardless of the size.

Many organizations are moving—or have moved—to a primarily wireless network infrastructure. This trend was underway even before the global health crisis, as businesses with a growing number of users found it easier to expand network access using wireless-enabled devices, instead of installing new cable connections.
The global health crisis set in motion another change in network infrastructure: the rise of the hybrid workplace. A combination of in-office and remote workers comprises the hybrid workforce. Workers can be located onsite or offsite, either all or part of the time. Wireless network infrastructure is essential to supporting the hybrid workplace environment so that workers can reliably and securely access the network anytime, anywhere, from any device.
The dramatic rise in the use and development of apps for collaboration and communication also demands a wider embrace of wireless network infrastructure. Wireless access to the internet and to key applications and resources helps all employees in any workplace—hybrid or traditional—stay productive.

Also a scalable yet seamless Virtual Private Network provides desirable opportunities for organizations to communicate via branches. Our structure is robust to help plan and set up an hybrid VPN solution for any kind of enterprise and public establishment

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